Q: How much does it cost to rent a margarita machine from The Mobile Margarita?

A: The rental price is $135 (including tax) for a single for the day. This price includes tax, delivery (Richardson, North Dallas, Addison, Carrollton, McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Plano, Lucas, Fairview, Murphy, Wylie and Parker), set up, pick up, one mix concentrate (single) or two mixes (dual), and a cart to place the machine on. If you are not in the delivery area (see map), there will be a $20 - $40 delivery charge assessed for the delivery and pick up depending on how far you are located outside our normal delivery area. 

Delivery Area

Q: Are the machines easy to use?

A: Very easy! We mix your first batch and show you how to use the machine. Our phone is always on for after hours questions or problems. NO ICE IS NEEDED WITH OUR CONCENTRATE!!!

Q: How many drinks does one batch make?

A: One batch of our traditional margaritas makes about 75-80 eight ounce drinks. Our experience shows that usually half or more guests drink the frozen drinks even if you offer a choice. We recommend one bag of concentrate for every 25 guests. Extra mixes are $15 each.

Calculate the number of machines and mixes using the chart below.

GuestsFrozen Drink MachinesDrink Mixes
0 5011 2
50 10012 4
100 15012+
150 2002 32+
Over 200Please Call

Q: How long does the first batch take to freeze?

A: About 45-60 minutes if the machine is indoors (75 degrees); a little longer if outdoors and warmer.

Q: What if I run out of mix during the party?

A: We always leave extra mix "just in case". We will do everything to ensure your party is a success. If you still run out, don't worry, just give us a call and we will deliver more mix. *Surcharge may apply for additional delivery.

Q: Who provides the liquor and how much will I need?

A: The customer provides all liquor. We advise 23 liters of alcohol per batch. Save your money, buy the cheap stuff!

Q: Are other kinds of drinks available?

A: Absolutely. You can serve strawberry daiquiris, strawberry margaritas, pina coladas, hurricanes, mai tais, peach bellinis, blue raspberry, watermelon and summertime lemonade. Click here to see our complete list of flavors. All mixes can be made without alcohol for kids.

Q: How far in advance should I reserve my machine?

A: We recommend at least three weeks for a Friday or Saturday night rental from April through October and December. Make sure the number of guests does not exceed the drink making capacity for each machine, otherwise the machine will not perform properly. Once an order has been placed and you receive a confirmation e-mail, there is a no cancellation policy.

Q: What do I need when you deliver the machine?

A: When we deliver your machine, we will need to speak with someone who will be responsible for the operation of the machine and we need the required liquor for the first mix. We will make your first batch of mix and make sure the machine is set up and operating properly, then we will give you the operation instructions.

You will also need a dedicated 110 circuit with 15 amps. This means NOTHING else should be on this circuit or else the margarita machine WILL NOT WORK. No extension cords are allowed!

Q: When will the machines be picked up?

A: Generally all pick ups will be made between 9am and 2pm on Saturdays (for Friday night parties) and 11am to 3pm on Sundays (for Saturday night parties). If we arrive at the specified pick up time and nobody is there within 15 minutes, you will be assessed a $20 late fee/return trip fee!

Q: Are there any other helpful hints you can suggest to make the party run smoothly?

A: Before we arrive, put three gallons of water in the fridge....make sure it is ICE COLD when we get there. Also put your alcohol in the FREEZER if you have room (the reason you will like having gone through all of this trouble is that your margarita will be ready in a flash since all of your ingredients are already at about 35 degrees. When we leave, place another three gallons of water in the refrigerator so it will be ready for the second round of margaritas (if you plan on having another round).
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